Hi, I am Rob.

Web Developer from Poland, working and living in the UK. Passionate about web technologies, self-development, and fantasy books. Ok, ok… PC games too!

This is what takes too much of my time!

Yeah, this is what I do for a living.

My old friend PHP

I’ve been using PHP since primary school. Even though back then it was one big mystery to me and I almost cried when I saw code editor showing 145 syntax errors in my first “website” it is now one of the main tools in my everyday work. Modern PHP rocks!

JavaScript is the bomb

Powerful and mysterious. For a long time an absolute mystery to me. Kinda like black holes. You know they are there and… that’s it. However, these days this is a great weapon in my development arsenal which I use daily. Tastes best with a bit of VueJs sprinkled on it. Can’t live without it!

MySql is cool

Do I have to say it? Mysql is the number one choice (for me) when it comes to gathering the data. It is very efficient and very popular which makes it an incredibly powerful tool. Especially for web development as it integrates easily with many modern frameworks.

HTML is like carbon

Just like life on earth could not exist without carbon, the web could not exist without HTML. It’s a basic building block of the web universe and also the very first web-related tool I have ever laid my eyes on.

Of course, this is not everything

Here are a few of my favorite tools that work very well with my tech stack.